These notes from my Employment Advocacy practice are composite, blending features from a number of individual cases with names and details changed. I keep all my client's business and details absolutely confidential, both as a matter of professional ethics and also to conform with the terms of the settlements reached.

September 6, 2008

Best Website – 2008 Plain English Awards – Finalist

I just got the news that this site has been selected as a finalist in the Best Website category at the 2008 Plain English Awards. I am delighted!

When people go looking for advice on employment law they usually have a problem in their workplace. It may be redundancy, or workplace bullying, or a personal grievance over dismissal. Whatever it is, the first thing they want and need is clear information in plain english. The site should be well structured and laid out so that the content is easy to understand.

Motuweb designed the website, and I wrote the content. We tried very hard to give information and advice in logical sequence and plain english. We are really pleased with the website and we are delighted that the 2008 Plain English Awards’ judges liked it too.

Good workplace relationships are built on clear commumication.
Successful advocacy and negotiation are also built on clear communication
The 2008 Plain English Awards promote clear communication. We support them wholeheartedly.