About Us

Flaws Employment Advocates is a small family-run practice that specialises in Unjustified Dismissals, Unjustified Disadvantage and “exit packages”. As well as this, we provide support and advice to people experiencing workplace relationship problems of all kinds. We take a personalised and flexible approach to your unique situation in order to get the best possible outcome for every individual client.

Personal Grievance
Personal Grievances

With a combined 20+ years of experience in advocacy, we are experienced in dealing with employment relationship problems across the spectrum of dispute resolution, from negotiation right through to representing people in the Employment Relations Authority. Our aim is to distill the key facts of your case and cut through the peripheral issues, which can sometimes muddy the waters and lengthen the process considerably, to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients without unnecessary delay and stress.

Advocacy and Advice

Often, employees don’t know their rights. They feel like they are getting a rough deal but don’t know what the law says.

We are experts in NZ Employment Law and are happy to discuss your situation and let you know where you stand.

Personal Grievances

If your employer hasn’t been playing by the rules, you may have grounds for a Personal Grievance. We will provide you sound advice about your rights and if necessary, take all the steps to formulate your PG and notify your employer.

Negotiation, Mediation and Litigation

We always try to resolve employment relationship problems by the quickest and most stress-free means. Often, this means negotiating with your employer to resolve the issues.

If things don’t go to plan in negotiation, we are experienced in representing employees in mediation and in the Employment Relations Authority.