Our Team

Adam Flaws

Adam has been the owner and principal advocate in the practice since his father, and company founder, David, began to reduce his involvement over the past few years. Adam has an extensive background in dispute resolution at all levels and considerable experience as a senior manager and negotiator. He has represented clients in mediation and the Employment Relations Authority over the last five years. Adam uses his extensive knowledge of employment law, his interpersonal skills and pragmatic approach to negotiation to ensure the best outcome for his clients.

Adam Flaws, Employment Advocate
David Flaws, Employment Advocate

Dr. David Flaws, PhD

David came to general employment advocacy work over 20 years ago, through an interest in workplace bullying and harassment. Before advocacy, David had a number of roles in training and development, business consulting and counselling. David is an expert negotiator and has extensive experience in mediation and has appeared in the Employment Relations Authority many times. Through his experience, David has developed and honed a set of skills that give him a real edge in helping his clients negotiate satisfactory outcomes.

Dr. Kate Flaws, PhD

Kate is an internationally recognised researcher in the field of workplace bullying and healthy work environments and provides the practice with the latest research findings and academic expertise in these areas. Kate works predominately with employers to improve work conditions and enhance employee wellbeing.