What we do

Advocacy and advice


We work as Employment Advocates in Auckland and Northland. We represent employees across the full spectrum of dispute resolution, from compiling claims for Personal Grievances and negotiating with employers, support through mediation, right through to appearances in the Employment Relations Authority. We can provide advice and advocacy services specialising in Unjustified Dismissal and Unjustified Disadvantage. We have experience in dealing with:

  • Bullying

  • Harassment

  • Discrimination

  • Personal Grievances

  • Disciplinary Processes

  • Dismissals

  • Redundancies

Personal Grievance
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Who we represent

In most cases we represent individual employees who have been badly treated at work, although sometimes, we represent employers.

Mainly, we advise, represent, and advocate for employees who are having trouble at work. Sometimes the trouble is with a fellow worker, but most often with their manager or employer.

Most people who ring us for advice are uncertain about their legal rights. They are usually quite upset or angry about the way they have been treated.

We represent employees across a range of industries, organisations and levels within companies.

The process

We offer a free initial 15 minute telephone consultation. When you call, we will ask you to outline your situation and give you some generic advice on the law as it relates to you. Following this, you can choose whether you would like to formally engage us to act on your behalf.

Every case is different and we will work with you and the specific requirements of your case to develop an approach that is most likely to result in the best outcome for you. However, there is a general pattern that most employment disputes follow.

  • Initially, we will try to resolve your dispute at the lowest possible level. Usually, this will involve us having a conversation with your employer to negotiate a mutually agreeable outcome.

  • If we are unable to achieve an acceptable resolution through negotiation, the next step is to attend mediation, whereby the parties and their representatives meet face-to-face in an attempt to reach an agreeement. This process is facilitated by a professional mediator appointed by the MBIE Employment Mediation Services.

  • If mediation does not result in the dispute being settled, the next step is to attend a hearing in the Employment Relations Authority. Here, the parties will put their story forward and an impartial “Judge” will decide on the outcome. The vast majority of our cases do not reach this stage, as an acceptable outcome is reached prior.

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Some of the most common questions we get

The law says you must notify your employer of your grievance within 90 days of the event that gives rise to your grievance.

The employment dispute resolution process can be quite a long one. Some issues are resolved very quickly, others can take many months to sort out.

A case that cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation may take upwards of a year to reach the ERA.

The significant majority of our cases are resolved a long time before they are escalated to the Employment Relations Authority. We will always try to resolve your claims, getting you a positive outcome, as early as possible.

Most of our cases are resolved before the matter reaches the ERA. In these instances, the dispute and any settlement are strictly confidential. If we are unable to resolve the matter before reaching the ERA, the outcome and a brief summary of the case is publicly available.

During our initial consultation, we will give you an indication of the strength of your case as well as the likelihood of your costs being met by the other side. We don’t like losing, and we will be straight up about whether or not we think you will win. In the significant majority of our cases, the employer ends up paying our fees. Only very occasionally our client is left to pay the bill.

In many cases we offer a “no win no fee”service. However, what sets us apart from many other advocates, is that we will offer either a fixed fee or a percentage of the settlement – this means our clients usually pay less than what other advocates will charge.